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July 15th, 2010

Book Reviewish

you hate me
Dear Jean M. Auel. 'Clan of the Cave Bear' was AWESOMESAUCE!!! Even of Ayla is basically a Mary Sue with regards to her ZOMFGSPARKLYAWESOMEPOWERZ! Yet this book is still awesome. 'Valley of Horses' was readable but there was plenty of slow parts. It is relegated to the AWESOME part of my collection purely because Ayla (even with MarySue powerz) is able to tame a moutain lion.

Regardless, that is still awesome. Even if it is a cub.

And that it is hinted ENDLESSLY that she has an affinity with them because she was mauled by one as a child...

All that said, I understand now why when I raided mum's bookshelf there was only the first two books.

All up I probably skipped a good third of your third book (ironic no?) but the worst part is that I honestly and deliberately skipped 150ish pages right in the middle of the Mammoth Hunters because it was so boring and full of relationship angst. Think Eclipse without the Vampires and Werewolves but with more sex and set during pre-history.

Think of Jondalar as Edward, Ayla as Bella and Ranec as Jacob. Scarily both books make more sense...seriously if Twilight rips off anything it is this book/series. One day I will launch into a comparasion at least for the second and third book (first book is really a stand alone and if it has to be compared to Twilight is pre-Twili...fuuuuuuuu...Clan of the Cave Bear can be compared to before Bella moves to Forkes...fuuuuuuuuuuuu...) and yeah I've been unable to get past page 286 of book four since March 2005.

So I hear that there will finally be the conclusion to this series either this year or next and purely for completions sake I will purchase the last book but like Brisingr I'm not sure if I will actually read it. No hard feelings but I much prefer your early writings.

-Yours though I may have gotten slightly off topic, I will write a Earth's Children/Twilight comparasion in the coming days...

Felicity. XX

June 30th, 2010


Dear Universe, or who/whatever is in charge of the weather,

I'm not sure if you realise this fact, but I live in Australia.

My country is a desert, well known as the hottest/driest continent on this Earth. I was born here. As were my parents and their parents and most of their parents (Pop Pop and Great Grandmother were from the UK). As such, I myself, am not made to deal with cold. As I have spent 90% of my life on the Mid North Coast, lower than 25C is uncomfortable. Lower than 20C requires a warm jacket.

Waking up with mornings at 10C or lower?

Yeah. I'm not going to want to get out of my bed no matter how sunny it is outside.

My bed contains a flannelette sheet, a blanket, two polarfleece blankets, a bed spread and a doona. And yet I am still cold.


As such I do believe you have made a mistake with regards to the weather in recent times. I fear that you have been standing on your head as today we have had our coldest day in 43 years. Once more I wish to remind you that this is Australia and not England. Even in Winter there is usually only one week that I need my heavy duty coat. AND THAT IS IN AUGUST.

We are AUSTRALIANS. We do not deal with cold. At least not very well anyway.

Please do something about this. In smaller words: warm nao plz.

Invoking Santa Christ, Tinkerbell Jeebus and Rassilon's Hairy Arse.

June 10th, 2010

All in one night.

stabbing pen
Customer: *paying by EFTPOS* I'll remember to bring my glasses in next time.
Me: Might be a good idea sir.
Customer: *looks directly at me* Yeah, it's great how all these young ones have such good vision these days isn't it? *totally being serious*
Me: I wouldn't know sir, considering how my eyes are shithouse sir. *small smile*
Customer: Oh...
Me: Especially considering I'm almost blind in one eye.
Customer: *awkward silence*
Me: *adjusts glasses and grins*


Me: *serving customer using EFTPOS* Just your account up top. It goes check, savings, credit.
Customer: Is this one savings? *presses the second button in sequence*
Me: Yes sir.
Customer: I can't see a thing without my glasses.
Me: Me neither, that's why I wear mine all the time.
Customer: Oh...*awkward silence*
Me: *adjusts glasses and grins*


Customer: Just these thanks *motions to items placed on the far right corner of the console.*
Me: *dramatically reaches* If you could just pass them closer please?
Customer: Oh...sorry...I didn't realise you were short.
(Inner!Ianto: No ma'am, I'm just sitting down and can't be bothered to stand up. In reality I'm actually seven feet tall.)
Me: *grimaces* They don't make anything for short people around here.
(Inner!Me: Fucking heightist)


Me: *walks out of the Batcave marked clearly and largely "Staff Only" Wearing a Caltex Uniform and carrying boxes of lollies.*
Customer: Excuse me, do you work here?

November 25th, 2009


I'm such a cosplayer.

I just discovered the fact that I can't watch something (espescially if I'm planning on cosplaying it) and not look at the stitching at the very least.

Seriously? Not even 15 mins ago I got upset that for a secret cosplay the ivory/bone buttons from my great grandmother's 'tin 'o buttons' I put aside weren't going to be useable and that I needed Mother Of Pearl ones instead.

Now I need to go through them and find 8 (preferably 16 but 8 will suffice) Mother Of Pearl buttons for said secret cosplay...
Why I hate living in Rural Australia #43554

Dearest valued co-worker,

Despite what you say, it is hypocritical to degrade and ridicule and call disgusting and generally be nasty about male same-sex relationships when you rather enjoy the idea of female same-sex relationships.

Saying that you're male is not an excuse. You are still being hypocritical. The more you argue with me on this point the less respect I have for you.

Just think, you'd be offended if they made fun of your heterosexual relationship or called it disgusting. The same here applies.


Dearest other valued co-worker*,

It is not amusing to comment on forgetting your gun when you see two guys being affectionate with each other. Not even if they're out of hearing range and in the carpark near their car.

Don't get upset with me for pointing this out to you. It is sweet seeing people comfortable enough with each other to show their affections in public. Especially in a backwater town like this. I don't even see many 'normal' heterosexual couples being affectionate in public these days. Not even a simple holding of hands.

If you don't like it then it's simple enough to turn away and get back to your own work instead of gawking and making comments.


* Amusingly enough "Dearest other valued co-worker" is female...

Every so often a piece of me dies at work. Discovering some of my co-workers are homophobic to certain degrees was one of those times. My respect for them has fallen through the floor.

August 13th, 2009

(no subject)

It came to my attention tonight honestly, that yes, I know my fair share of famous people...but really...I know more parents/relatives of famous peoples than I know actual famous peoples...

Also? This will probably only make sense to Australians...with maybe a few exceptions...

- Virginia Hughes (who I wouldn't trust as far as I can throw her. Literally. (I can tell stories...)) is Philip Hughes' Mother. (Philip Hughes is a cricketer). (Also her daughter Megan was one of my brother's friends as a kid)

- Vivian Tedeschi is my Doctor and I went to school with her daughter Gina (two years below me and at the time went out with Adam Daly, who's mother (Chris) my mother was friends with). Her son Simon is a famous Pianist. Also, I seriously want to meet Simon purely to tell him to say hi to Gina for me simply for his reaction.

- Eunice Ward (a model). Her sister Zara is my mother's goddaughter. Her father George also went out with my aunt Lenita for a while. Also, her uncle Rob is awesome (long story but I call him Clive and he calls me Tiffany). The Ward family is a long time friend of the Robertson family (my mother's family).

- Tom Ward (also one of Eunice's uncles) was good friends with Bryan Brown who he met whilst being an extra in "The Chant of Jimmy Blacksmith." (part of filmed at Trial Bay Gaol. He was strung up being hanged. Tied up and gagged and told "If anything goes wrong let us know." Died of cancer =( Bryan made a public appearance at his funeral.)

- My mother (Catherine Wynter, nee Robertson) whilst at the Rural/State Bank worked with the mother of Jarryd Haynes and the father of Trent Barrett.

- Terry Goschalk (who I shoot with) is literally next door neighbour to George Negus. And was on The New Inventors.

- Matty Miles (Lawn Bowler). Was in the North Coast Acadmey (Coffs Harbour zone) with Lil Bro for Lawn bowls. Chosen to represent Australia.

- Thanks to Comfest '06, I am friends with a friend of Josh Thomas...and ate the Black Cats from his bag of Party Mix because he's not a fan of aniseed and neither was anyone else in the group. Amongst others. Katrina from work? So jealous.

- I went to school with Greg Inglis (who yes I was friends with, but was in my best friend's group and his cousin Rachel was in my group XD). Also? I don't care what anyone says. Innocent until proven guilty. *stands by her childhood friend.* I will stand by him. He was/is/always will be my friend and especially at the moment needs all the support he can get.

Highly doubt you will see this Greg but my thoughts and prayers are with you Greg.

July 29th, 2009

(no subject)

you hate me
Now that fandom has quietened ever so slightly over CoE...


Also, I want fic where Jack meets Rhiannon and Ianto meets Alice & Stephen DAMMIT!

July 12th, 2009

Spoilers for Day Four of Children of Earth. I can't be the only one to have thought of this...

Not wonderful but then I didn't spend that much time on it...

*huggles plushie made in the likeness of certain TW members.

July 10th, 2009


Also kept expecting that the 456 would yell out "KIDDING!"

Now excuse me whilst I back to my incomprehensible spoileriffic rage...

July 9th, 2009

Random thought #46598

Even three episodes into Torchwood: Children of Earth I still keep expecting Frobisher to turn into a penguin.

June 4th, 2009

Just found out that in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Group I'm a part of for Manifest this year, I'm quite possibly the oldest person in the group.

And I'm being the youngest character.

I'm only 22. How the hell am I the eldest in the group?!

I know cosplaying mostly appeals to a younger audience but dammit! I'm not even in my mid twenties yet.

Quarter-life crisis here I come.

May 26th, 2009

Random Creepy Guy: I just found out that I need a kidney transplant.
Me: ...okay...
Random Creepy Guy: Do you have a spare kidney?
Me: No. No spare kidney.
Random Creepy Guy: (To Bryan, Magical Giraffe and Irwin) Do you have a spare kidney?
Everyone: No!
Random Creepy Guy: (To Random Customer) Do you have a spare kidney?

May 25th, 2009

Dearest peoples travelling on the Pacific Highway. You know we've been flooding, so please check and plan ahead for your journey.

The Highway is closed at Woodburn.
The Highway is closed at Grafton.
The Highway is closed at Clybucca.
The Highway is closed at Kempsey.
The Highway is closed at South Kempsey.

There are detours via the New England Highway.

The Highway will be closed until Wednesday.

After Wednesday the Highway will be one lane until Friday.

Many places are still under water.

Please stop getting annoyed that you have to backtrack to Bellingen in order to continue your journey south.

It helps to plan ahead.

Thank you,

February 11th, 2009

(no subject)

Right...I need one of the following:

1. A life.
2. A holiday or
3. A new job...

I've started naming various things at work. Yes. That's right.

The espresso machine on the coffee bar is Terrence.
The espresso machine behind the counter is Janice.
The ice-cream machine is Stuart.
The dishwasher is Marsha.
The rock in the dishwasher is George (though in all fairness it was named George years ago by someone else.)
The Sylex is Sid.
And finally the hotplate is Florence.

February 5th, 2009

Random thought #44850

pissed off
The movie version of Get Smart raped my childhood.

On the bright side, Hymie was the best of the lot.

February 4th, 2009

Random Thought #09823

I've come to the conclusion that I think the weirdest things at the most random of times.

Random Thought #09823 whilst doing the dips at 10.45pm:

It would be very easy to blow my workplace up. Surviving it would be a different story.

January 17th, 2009

(no subject)

stabbing pen
Over the space of 25 hours: I spent approx 17 1/2 at work, 2 getting ready/winding down from work and 5-6 hours sleeping.

And I just spent the past 5 hours at a presentation night/kareoke gig (seriously the most fun combination ever!) and the 1 and 1/2 hours previously winding down/getting ready.

I am dead.


5 hours sleep in 40 hours? When I've not been sleeping well in over a week? Dammit, I love red tea.

January 11th, 2009

I'm sure all the idiots and then some were out tonight. Or I was just lucky enough to get them all.

Covering Jade's break in the restraunt, I had this gem of a conversation when a lady was placing her order

Customer: Can I have a caramel milkshake and a strawberry milkshake.

Me: Sure.

Customer: And can I have one of those on skim?

Me: Of course, which one?

Customer: Mine

Me: ...and which one of those is yours?

Customer: *stares* What?

Me: Which one with skim?

Customer: *confused*

Me: Is the caramel or strawberry one on skim?

Customer: Strawberry.

And then straiht after, I was imparted with the knowledge that the next customer had been sick since September and the doctors didn't know what it was, and she'd only recently come out of intensive care and off life-support.

Because of a ruptured bowel.


Whilst covering Irwin's break in the console, there was a gentleman with his back to the bread shelves. And asked me if we stocked bread.

Followed by this lovely conversation with another customer:

Me: Any petrol with that?

Customer: Yes.

Me: ...which car?

Customer: *waves hand in vague direction, pointing to another two cars in the process* that one.

Damn this is turning out to be epic.

At 10pm, a telephone inquiry: Do we do 'take-away home-delivered'? We're a roadhouse. Of course we home deliver.

I'm not sure which was my favourite part of the night...

January 7th, 2009

Basic info: Me = Duty Manager at local service station/highway restauraunt/roadhouse
Him = Dickwad who is sadly a regular customer.

Right, so I was out the front helping the console operator serve, since it is the Kiss-your-arse holidays after all, and we have this weird tendency to get busy for some reason during them </sarcasm>

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